Wright Tank offers delivery service from San Diego to Paso Robles. Our truck features a 32-ton knuckle boom crane. With the 3L ton crane, we are able to set a 10,000 gallon tank approximately 50 feet away from the center of the truck. We have two delivery truck options one with a 3L ton crane two wheel drive and the other 5 ton crane all wheel drive truck. With the 50 ton crane we can set a 10,000 65 feet away from the center of truck. Our trailers have been built for time and efficiency by using our patented side shifter. This device makes negotiating a tight drive way or tight corner effortless. This service can add up to substantial savings in tractor or backhoe fees and give you more flexibility in locating your water system. (Please note: We do not do the plumbing for the tank after it is set.)

The following steps should be taken before your delivery:

A. Prepare a level pad for the tank. Our truck is equipped with a crane and can set the tank on your specific location as long as there is an accessible road.
B. The tank should be placed on a gravel base, a service we also provide.
C. Fill the square with pea gravel.