Need additional parts and/or accessories for your water storage tank? Not to worry, at Wright Tank, we have all of your water storage tank needs covered.

Check out some of the parts and accessories we carry below.


Fittings will allow the tank to connect to wells, pumps, sight tubes, valves, and any other devices you could have connected to your water tank. Fittings allow access to the water inside of the tank. Fittings range from 1/2″ all the way up to 4″ For more information on the different devices you can connect to your fittings, see the following links:

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Couplings have threads on both the inside and the outside allowing someone to connect devices on the inside of their tank such as float valves and float switches. Couplings range from 1/2″ all the way up to 4″

Wright Tank – Float Switches & Valves
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4 Inch Vents

4 Inch Vents

The vent on a tank allows air to enter the tank as the water goes out of the tank. A vent is required on all tanks that are getting an epoxy coating so that the epoxy can dry correctly.

Wright Tank – Epoxy Coating
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24 Inch Manways

24 Inch Manway

A side manway that allows access to an empty tank.


150Lb Flange

150Lb Flange

A flange that handles 150 pounds of liquid pressure.
A flange is another way of connecting pipes to your water storage tank.


Bells & Alarms

Alarms and Bells

Alarms and bells used to tell when the water tank goes below the required fire flow water storage.

Wright Tank – Fire Protection Setup
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Hydrant Wench

Hydrant Wrench

A hydrant wrench is used to open up a hydrant when a hose is attached.



4″x2.5″ Wharf Hydrant

A wharf head hydrant is used to gain access to water from the city. It is common for wharf heads to be installed in residential areas that had small water mains


Fire Hydrants (2.5


Fire Hydrants

Used for fire protection and must be 14″ to 24″ above ground, has to be within 5 feet of the roadway or driveway and must be within 50-150 feet of the structure.


Plastic Fittings

Plastic Fittings

Used for underground use to connect the water storage tank through the ground to devices such as fire hydrants.

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