Sight Tube

A sight tube is our most popular method of knowing how much water is in your tank. It features a high quality polyurethane tube that will resist sun light discoloration. We weld two ¾ inch fittings into your tank. One at the bottom and one at the top. A ¾ three-way valve is installed in the bottom. A 90 at the top. The ¾ tube runs between the two. We install between 1 and 4 hold down clamps depending on the height of your tank. These clamps secure the tube to the tank. Putting the three-way valve in one direction allows the water to fill the tube so that you can see the water level in the tank. Putting the valve in the other direction allows you to drain the tube. You don’t want to leave the water in the tube all the time. After your done checking the level of the tank you want to drain the tube and leave it empty.
(IMPORTANT) If you leave the water in the tube it will quickly grow algae and turn green.

Target Gauge

Our optional target gauge is the best method for knowing the water  level in your tank from a distance. The target gauge gives you the  water level of the tank at all times. It works on a pulley system  with a stainless steel float on the inside and a gauge board on the outside. The  float and the gauge are attached with a high quality stainless steel  cable.  Two stainless steel stringers are attached to the inside of  the tank. These two stringers keep the float lined up with the  gauge.  All the parts and pieces that are attached on the inside of  the tank are made out of stainless steel. The gauge board on the  outside is made from galvanized steel.

Wireless Water Level Monitoring System

This optional device allows the user to see the level of their tank from the comfort of their homes. The desktop mount has an easy to use LCD touch screen to view tanks settings. The sensor inside of the tank is solar powered and sends the information directly to the desk display (Shown to the left) The devices range is over half a mile, line of sight provides maximum range.