Tanks manufactured by Wright Tank

Tanks manufactured by Wright Tank are guaranteed to be free from leakage for these set periods of time.

Non-epoxy Coated Tanks – 12 years

1 Coat of Sherplate PW Epoxy- 25 years
2 Coats of
Sherplate PW Epoxy- 35 years (Sherwin Williams Recommendation)

Borrego Springs and surrounding areas need roof coating.
Please Note:
Tanks with premature failure will be pro rated and the replacement may require upgrading coating and or type of steel or material. This Guarantee only covers tanks with well water, with no chemicals added. Please consult Wright Tank for special water condition such as:
Iron Bacteria, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell), and hard water. Customers need to talk to customer service at Wright Tank for recommendations

See the Installation and Maintenance Guide for instructions on inspecting your tank.