Wright Tank

Float Switches and Valves

You can either use a float switch or a float valve to fill your tank, whichever one will fit your situation best.

Float Switches

Square D HG Float Switch

These switches are installed in the tank into a 2-½ fitting and are used to turn on and off your good pump or your fire bell. This is an electric switch.

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Mechanical Float Valve

These valves go into the top of the tank and are used to fill it. The water reaches the float, and when it reaches a certain level, the water will stop flowing in. We stock 1” and 2” ones.

CLA Valves

The CLA valve works like a float valve but keeps your good pump from cycling as often. It features a float valve inside your tank that will travel up and down 1 to 36” or more. This is the only mechanical float valve that gives you a differential from on to off.

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